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Applied mathematics and modeling

Digital engineering, finance and insurance, artificial intelligence and big data.

The training is delivered in French.


The educational activities and the content of the training are developed on the one hand in close collaboration with the professional partners of Sophia Antipolis, the leading European technopole, as well as national and international companies, and on the other hand with research teams from Inria (National Institute for Research in Digital Sciences, nearby) and the CNRS (notably the LJAD and the I3S, laboratories of the University Côte d'Azur).

The school organizes the Sophiatech Forum every year, the opportunity to meet more than 90 companies: teaser edition 2019


 Training summary

Training aims

Train versatile engineers capable of modeling the problems facing the company and solving them by using existing tools or by adapting them.

The training aims to develop

  • Reasoning, conceptualization and creativity skills,
  • The multidisciplinary approach,
  • Mastering complexity and uncertainty,
  • Knowledge of organizations and corporate culture.

Three minors in the last year (open to work-study programs by double enrollment in M2, see below):

  • IMAFA (Computing and mathematics applied to finance and insurance - common minor MAM / SI)
  • INUM (Digital engineering)
  • SD (Data Science - common minor MAM / SI) 

For mobility abroad, possibility of a scholarship for internships abroad via the Polytech'13 consortium of the Erasmus+ agency

Possibility of a double diploma with the IAE: Master MAE (Management and Business Administration)

Apprenticeship course (FISA)

Professional integration

In addition to large companies, traditional outlets for this type of training, our graduates are increasingly recruited for the development of modeling and calculation tools in SMEs. The fields of application concern as well advanced industries (aeronautics, space, automobile ...) as financial institutions (banks, insurance ...) and more generally all sectors of economic activity which pose problems of design and of organization. 2018 Statistics:

  • 88% of graduates have a job after 6 months of leaving school (executive jobs at CDI more than 90%)
  • average salary of 38 K €



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