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Master School EIT Digital

Three Master level curricula implementing EIT Digital Master School programs are hosted at UCA / Polytech Nice Sophia:

  • Autonomous Systems (AUS)
  • Financial technologies (FinTech)
  • Data Science (DSC)

As such, they provide the standardized courses of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor of the EIT Digital Master School. This program mandates that students study in two different countries for their Master 1 and Master 2.

EIT Digital Master 1 in Autonomous Systems

Being a student enrolled at Master 1 EIT Digital AUS track ends up be graduated by an Engineering degree, from Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school of UCA, in Electronic systems, which is officially recognized as a national accredited Master degree. French CTI accredited "diplôme d'ingénieur" degree is also European wide recognized by the EUR-ACE® as master degree of Science and Engineering.

A Master 2 EIT Digital AUS track is run at Eurecom.

EIT Digital Master 1 and Master 2 in Financial technologies, Master 1 and Master 2 in Data Science

The master track tagged "EIT Digital" the FinTech and the Data science options belong to, is part of the national wide funded Graduate school (EUR) Digital systems for Humans. It is a specific track of the Computer science master of UCA. Additionally, being a student enrolled at Master 1 EIT Digital FinTech or DSC tracks can end up being graduated by an Engineering degree from Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school of UCA, in respectively Computer Science or  Applied Mathematics and Modelisation specialities.

Requirements for engineering degree obtention

There are some specific duties for being graduated with this Polytech Engineering degree:

  • enroll to a French course
  • enroll to general interest tasks for the engineering school (eg. participating in student fair, in the organization of some students event, etc, summing up to a min of half-day).
  • the subject of the internship/Master thesis semester under the responsibility of the exit university must still be validated by Polytech before the start,, and the final report must be sent to Polytech at the end
  • the result of the internship (gained ECTS) should be received by the end of the civil year.

Besides, the engineering degree obtention requires a certified B2 level of English, also for local applicants already registered as Polytech engineering students. However, as this is the minimum level required to apply to the master school, it is assumed that each student enrolled as entry student in any of the UCA EIT Digital master tracks already holds such a English-level proficiency proof.

More infomation about Autonomous Systems



More infomation about Financial technologies



More infomation about Data Science



Application, Fees and Grant

Application process is handled in two periods, usually November to February, then, February to April. Admitted students are admitted to both an entry and an exit  university, so, there is no need  to specifically apply  at UCA as exit point at the end of the master 1 level studies. Direct admission to any exit point of the Master school universities is thus impossible for non yet EIT master school enrolled students. During their first year of study, students are offered a chance to apply for a change of their exit point before early december each year. However, only a very limited number of changes is accepted.

Tuition fees are handled at EIT Digital master school level, then the student is automatically registered at UCA, without additional fees.

The EIT Digital scholarship appplication will be carefully studied by the relevant EIT Digital master programmes admission teams based on the student's merits. The most excellent undergraduates can benefit from 500 to 1000 euros/month distributed by the EIT Digital Master school. No need to make a special application. All details here.

Besides, once registered at UCA, there is a possibility to apply  (ddl.  beginning of November each year) for a top excellence scholarship granted by the SUD/Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region.
For more information please consult this

EIFFEL master level scholarships, are very selective, but there is a possibility to apply and some help to fill the application form can be provided at UCA.

Local industrial ecosystem

Being hosted on the Campus SophiaTech, all of our EIT Digital students benefit from the industrial partnerships the Polytech Nice Sophia-Antipolis engineering school has built. Each year, late october/early november, a job forum is organized: this is a great opportunity to help you find an internship for the semester 4 of your master. Here is a video that gives you a glimpse of this event, and also a realistic view of the campus.


EIT digital at UCA:

Administrative and practical aspects:

Students ambassadors of the EIT Digital Master school, especially for UCA : Puneet, Cristina, resp. puneetberi94 AT and cririos AT

you can also get in touch with former UCA EIT Digital data science students,Yiuri and Eva, resp. bettywang326 AT  and  evander95 AT