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PhD Scholarship Chinese Students

Preparing a thesis in the Polytech network

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The CSC (China Scholarship Council) offers international mobility grants.

In collaboration with the Polytech network, grants are available for Chinese students who have studied to Master level who wish to do a PhD in France.
The CSC PhD scholarship for Chinese students (PhD and co-supervised PhD at Polytech) is intended for PhD students from China sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) pursuing either a full PhD or a co-supervised PhD programme at the 15 graduate engineering school of Polytech.

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The programme provides funding for up to 100 Chinese students annually. The grants provides funding for 6 to 24 months for students on a co-supervised PhD programme and up to 48 months for students on a full time PhD programme in France. The CSC grants covers tuition or research fees, emergency medical care, general learning materials, accommodation, living allowance, and a once only settlement subsidy and a once only inter-city travel allowance. And one international air ticket.

Polytech Group waives tuition fees and registration fees for CSC granted students. To organise the French language courses and regular exchange meetings. For CSC Granted students, Polytech sponsors an international academic seminar annually. About the life in France, Polytech helps CSC granted students to book student dormitories or student apartments near the school and assist for other administrative items: VISA, Opening bank account and so on.

For more information :


  1. Preparing your application: before April
    Applicants should contact the professors who have proposed thesis subjects to find out more and return their application form.


  2. The thesis supervisor sends before 10th April a ZIP archive containing 6 documents writen in english at :

    • the application form filled by the student
    • the CV of the selected candidate
    • the CV of the main thesis supervisor
    • a short description of the research lab
    • two letters of acceptance subject to obtaining the scholarship: one from the thesis supervisor, the other from the Doctoral School of affiliation.

    For more information, please contact na[dot]yin[at]univ-cotedazur[dot]fr and benoit[dot]miramond[at]univ-cotedazur[dot]fr

  3. The candidate sends simultaneously the file to the CSC: 10 april > 30 april
  4. Jury: April - May

    The CSC organises a jury to select candidates

  5. Results published: end of May

    CSC publishes the results of the jury on-line

  6. Admission: June

    Successful candidates must prepare their administrative documents: VISA, flights, etc.

Application deadlines: 10th of April 2020

Contact :

Prof.  Alexandre CAMINADA :

Prof. Benoit MIRAMOND :

Ms. YIN Na: