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Internship Consortium



The Polytech network actively participates in the various European programs dedicated to training and in particular to the Erasmus+ program as part of a consortium of internships put in place since 2008. This system enables students from Polytech schools to benefit from a mobility grant. approximately € 350 per month as part of an internship within a European company (excluding France) and for a minimum period of 3 months. This device is very popular with students and partner companies. Each year, the Polytech consortium consumes all the months of mobility awarded by the Agence Erasmus+ managing the program for France. This performance makes it possible to increase the staffing in months of mobility each year and positions since 2012, the consortium Polytech tops the consortia of Erasmus internship in France.


In the context of action-clé 1 Mobilités for Learning purposes, a higher education institution may choose to apply for a grant to organize a mobility project, either individually, as an institution, either through a consortium in which he will be involved.

A consortium is a group of French higher education institutions which are all holders of the Erasmus + Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and who decide to pool their resources to manage all or part of the possible activities within the framework of the action-clé 1 Mobilités:

  • Study Mobilities
  • Internship mobilities
  • Training periods for teachers and administrative staff
  • Teaching assignments

The consortium must consist of at least 3 French organizations, including 2 higher education institutions. At the head of the consortium, one of the institutions or an intermediate body (a region, an association, a Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.) controls the system from an administrative and financial point of view.

Contacts for Polytech 13 for more informations


Download and complete the file with the documents to be provided in A4 format:

  • 1 copy Identity card or passport
  • 1 copy Student card
  • 2 separate copies of the RIB in A4 format.
  • Insurance: compulsory for internships
    ▪ European Health Insurance Card (CEAM)
    Réf. Article 5.2 (page 6) du contrat de mobilité du kit
    Certificate of Civil Liability Insurance
    Réf. Article 5.3 (page 7) du contrat de mobilité du kit
    Certificate of Work Accident Insurance
    Réf. Article 5.4 (page 8) du contrat de mobilité du kit