Directions for use:

The homepage will ask you to identify yourself.  The username and password are both: staps

- When it starts up, the application will wait for you to select a group or a room and then validate the choice by clicking on the "send" button (in the top right-hand corner). See below for control panel. Start by selecting a group then clicking on the "send" button.

- By default, the application will show the result for the current week under the "horizontal week" display mode. So, if necessary, you can input the week required and the display mode ("vertical week" is the setting most people use). To consult a timetable for the second half of the semester, input a week with a value of 46 or more.

- The application will display the timetable for the group in question: if you select a full group, you will see the timetable for lectures and grey slots which indicate groups for tutorials and practical exercises. If you select a practical exercises group, you will be able to see the fullest version of the timetable (lectures, tutorials and practical exercises).

- The application is designed to display several different timetables at once (for example several practical exercise groups for a year group or a group and a room in order to find compatible timeslots). This is very useful but does impose certain limits on use. Before each request for a new display ("send" button), you need to double check the information selected or even deselect former choices and reselect the new ones (use the CTRL key for multiple selections). If you do not do this, you might end up with multiple displays of the same timetable If you become lost, use the "deselect all" button.

- The "groups" and "rooms" selection zones allow you to make an initial choice to limit the length of the dropdown menu. For the groups, you can first indicate the level of the course (instead of "ALL"). For example, to display the timetable for a bachelor's degree 3rd year Sports Management group, first input "L3 specific" to limit the display to 3rd year groups. The same applies to rooms, which are grouped according to the area they are in.